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New Construction Quality Banding System for Condominium Developers and Builders

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has just introduced a new banding system for the Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) that ranks developers and builders based on their track record for the past six years.

The CONQUAS banding offers a more accurate assessment of the quality performance of developers and builders based on their track record.

Developers, builders and private residential projects will be rated on a scale of Band 1 – 6, with 1 having very low incidence of major defects and 6 indicating higher incidence of major defects. Bands 1 and 2 gives recognition to good performing firms which have consistently delivered private residential projects with no or very low incidences of major defects.

Buyers can go to BCA’s Quality Housing Portal to review the bandings.

UOL Group Limited is proud to announce that as of 22 May 2023, our CONQUAS Band rating is at 1.

Developments such as Meyer House, The Clement Canopy and Botanique at Bartley are some of UOL’s development projects that has been rated Band 1.

We will continue to strive towards delivering high quality Masterpieces to you.